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The ‘world’s toughest and fastest SD cards’ are here!

Sony has recently unveiled the ones that promise to be deserving of the title of “world’s toughest and fastest SD cards”.

This new set of SD cards are specifically designed for the adventurous outdoor photographer but also for all those that in their daily “adventures” face several changes such as sudden temperature changes, rain and possible contact with water or extreme humidity conditions, dust and many others.

How Tough?

Named SF-G TOUGH, these UHS-II SDXC specification cards are made to be 18-times stronger than standard SD cards, featuring drop-proof up to 5 meters, waterproof, dust-proof and even bend proof to 180N.

According to the manufacturer, the reason these cards are much stronger than the competition is due to its all-new construction method that uses the first-ever “monolithic structure,” a one-piece molding that leaves no empty spaces inside the cards, resulting is a sturdier structure and less susceptibility to wear-and-tear issues that often occur like broken casings or teared connector rib parts.

This monolithic structure is also responsible for the perfect sealing with no gaps or cracks, allowing the cards to be both waterproof and dust-proof.

The SF-G TOUGH can be easily spotted among other cards by its distinctive outlook with flashy yellow and black design. According to Sony, this not only identifies immediately the product but also has the purpose of making them easy to spot when dropped outdoors.

How Fast?

As I remarked at the beginning, Sony claims these cards to be both the “world’s toughest” as well as the “world’s fastest” SD cards but what does that mean in practical terms?

Well, I must say that we have not been able yet to test them yet, but, according to the manufacturer, these cards can reach writing speeds of 299MB/s and reading speeds of 300MB/s, a more and more required need specially for the new high-resolution and large sensor cameras, when shooting in maximum frame rate videos.

The Sony SF-G TOUGH SD cards will be available in the capacity sizes of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Unfortunately, the exact pricing is also, for the time being, a well kept secret to be revealed only when the cards are launched in October this year.

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