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The Photo-Shoot - 'The BEACH'

A nude photo-shoot at Koh Lipe Island, in Thailand city of Pattaya.

by Pelle Larsson

Photographer: Pelle Larsson

Model: Butsaba Kongngoienock

Location: Koh Lipe, Thailand, February 2019

I had been talking to this model (Butsaba) for a couple of years already aiming to have a photo-shoot done with her whenever I am in Thailand for holidays.

Unfortunately there were always some issues that did not help on the process to have this session happening earlier.

Last February it finally happened and we found a way to make some time to shoot together.

The model had to travel all the way from Bangkok, where she works, to Pattaya where I was staying for holidays and then we decided to head to Koh Lipe Island, a Island located close to Pattaya and that is known as “Thailand’s Maldives” for its awesome sceneries.

As expected, Butsaba was incredible and I was very pleased with her performance and honesty. An awesome model to work with and highly commendable.

See more photos of this amazing photo-shoot in the gallery below.

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