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‘SPUR of the MOMENT’

On a road trip in Asia with Keosamay, by Mick Rawport

Photographer: Mick Rawport MM #2657400 Model: Keosamay MM #4341279

Being on a long road trip with model Keosamay allows for lots of spontaneous shots, which is exactly what I am after. A great model posing in a studio setting is fine, and we have worked together a number of times with studio lighting. But on the road, caught in real situations—with genuine reactions—she reveals a completely different side. For starters, emerging from under the mosquito net in the morning, she is without make-up—well, for a short period, anyway. And fresh out of the shower, looking glorious.

On the road, she reveals a far better side, from the camera point-of-view—with moments when her eyes light up with genuine emotion— when her eyes have that extra twinkle of light in them, sparkling with excitement. But how to capture that with a camera?

These are the shots that are definitely the most challenging to get.

Some of the photos here are carefully staged, while others are off the cuff, spur-of-the-moment framing. You decide which is which. Some notes from this road trip:

The Model Keosamay is a country girl, from a small village. Take a guess which country. If she goes to Vietnam, they think she’s Vietnamese. If she goes to Burma, people speak to her in Burmese. If she goes to Cambodia, or Thailand, or Malaysia, same story. But she is from none of these nations. Keep guessing.

The Magic Keosamay projects an air of exotic beauty. She is blessed with great natural assets. So splendid that some (jealous women) question whether her features are real. Pillowy lips, perfect teeth, long silky hair, full breasts, honey complexion, great legs. Not all genetic lottery luck: she works hard to keep in shape with gym training and kick-boxing.

The Adventure She loves to experiment and try new things. Loves exotic travel, loves exotic food. Modelling has been her ticket to travels around Asia. There’s a naughty side to her—spontaneous fun. And that is what she projects into photos. Steely gaze at times, or naughty smile. She’s not shy of flaunting that superb body—in creative ways, bringing her own ideas to the concepts.

What next? Keosamay is a late starter, only getting into modelling by accident quite recently. But she’s a natural—and people think she has been modelling for much longer. She has the confidence. She has the style. So far she has only traveled in Asia. But the world awaits. She wants to see it all.

For more photos of this amazing road trip in Asia with Keosamay, click on the gallery below.

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