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The Photo-shoot - 'The Abandoned Mill'

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Photographer: Twisted Kilt Photography

Model: Franee Mills

Location: Abandoned Mill, Southern CT; January 2018

I found this abandoned location in Southern CT by using Google Earth.

I went to the location to scout out the shoot a couple days before and found out that the mill was huge - three buildings, multiple floors, overgrown vines, spiral staircase - just massive and ripe for shooting.

I arranged to meet with Franee at the location in the morning - we would have a total of 4 hours time for shooting before I needed to leave.

We shot in a number of spots in one of the buildings - the images are from the last of them.

A homeless person had used this place for their quarters but was no longer there. Franee had this short red teddy with a red thong that gave her long legs a beautiful look, her stomach was fully toned, and she had eyes that were killer.

We shot in this location for a full hour while trying out different looks and lighting. I was using only one speedlight besides the natural light that was coming in.

The images here were made with a speedlight to the left of Franee trying to balance it against the natural light that was coming in from the window - giving her a lighting pattern that wrapped her and showed all of her muscles.

A little bit of post production editing was done to bring out the highlights and give it a cooler toning.

See more of this work in the gallery below.

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