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Photography Talents - Maximus Sakan

'On a Mission to be the Best"

Model: Angel

Maximus Sakan is a Filipino photographer driven by the ambition of becoming the best photographer he can possibly achieve.

From a young age he nurtured the passion for photography, a love that was well supported by his uncle Tito Ading.

Maximus always found strength on the words of encouragement of the uncle that he says, “inspired me a lot because since my young age he always told me I had a good observer eye for the things around me”.

From the passion to the practice was not an easy task, and was just when left his home country and went to work abroad that he was able to finally accomplish his biggest dream - to acquire is first DSLR Camera. With the Nikon D7000 on hands, Maximus started to pursue the best things any person can pursue to succeed - Knowledge.

Lacking is resources he found on the internet and namely on Youtube a very handy tool to learn more about how to use his camera and how to work on the post-production of his photos, he told Hot Lips Magazine.

Model: Andrea Diaz

From there he stepped outside and since then he does not miss a weekend without the company of his camera, which he uses mostly to practice street photography.

Besides the internet, Maximus made use of his contact list to seek for tips from experienced photographers as well as joining several activities from camera clubs and groups.

“I wanted to learn more of the craft because to me, memories are the real treasure no one can take”, the photographer says.

For Maximus, photography is (still) a hobby but he does not discard the opportunity to take it further in case conditions change and the opportunity to make it a business arises, “who knows in the future my destiny might change”, he says in a smile. At the moment, photography assumes a form to express himself and to “release”, but also to show the beauty, emotions, and drama.

For the photographer, his major catalyzer was is determination and continuously seek for knowledge and resources. His major leap forward he said to be, “when I started doing fine art nude shoots”.

Model: Rachelle Pineda

And leap after leap, he continues to elect Fine Art Nude and Erotic photography as his favorites followed closely by Boudoir, High-fashion, and Dramatic concepts.

Shooting mostly around the area where he lives, Maximus makes frequent use of a private beach, and pretty much any abandoned house, building or lot that he can find taking always into account when preparing a photo-shoot, the location, the subject, the concept and of course, the time needed to complete each work.

Model: Krishan Abad

So far, his best achievement in photography was winning in a photography competition with an artistic erotic and nude concept.

Maximus noted that besides his uncle, he always found inspiration and support on the photographer Jeff Mercader, a childhood friend, now based in California, USA and that has his strongest skills in Black and White landscape photography.

Model: Gwen Villanueva

“He was always available to share his knowledge with me and never got tired of giving tips and advises”.

Maximus finds his motto is a quote from the American photographer, Aaron Siskind when he said, “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

To us, at Hot Lips Magazine, Maximus photography is somehow cinematic, like still images from a movie that intends to tell a story in which intense emotions are always present.

Learn more about Maximus in the following gallery and check on his work on, Instagram, and Facebook.

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