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Photography Talents - Libertad Photos

'A Blend of Past and Present'

Known in the photography means by “Libertad,” the artist lives up to his name, presenting a series of works where “freedom” and “free spirit” are clearly present.

From the word “Liberty,” which reflects the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views, Libertad is one of those rare amateur artists that mingles past and present with both simplicity and artistry like if they always meant to be together, running side-by-side and not in a queue.

To look at the artist’s work is to be immersed in a loop where analog photography blends perfectly with the current and most updated technologies from the digital era.

His work reminds us of the unnecessary and useless arguments about the film and digital systems, camera brands and lens.

Libertad mixes them all in a push that comes, above all, from the beautiful and particularly interesting human forms of the female body.

But it is definitely not just all about the lines and curves of the female forms; Libertad’s work shows emotions, shows attitude and art in its purest forms, raw and carefree.

Quiet, discreet and of very few words to define or even explain himself, Libertad shows us mostly what goes in his mind through his creations.

Making good use of intimate moments with people from his inner circle, he shows us, as a group of privileged people, the real world without gimmicks.

Models Featured: Alana






Sony A7R III

Olympus OM2n

Nikonos V

Films: Dubblefilm monsoon

Kodak Double-X 5222

Kodak Tri-X

Ilford XP2 Kodak Portra 400

Kentmere 400 Cinestill 800 Lomo 800

Kodak Pro Image 100

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