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Photography Masters - Spyro Zarifopoulos

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Model: Dasha Usova

Spyro is of Greek descent, born in the USA and currently living in New York. With almost 40 years of photography to his credit; he was drawn into the art during his freshman year in college. He has remained an “active shooter” since.

As many of the great masters, he is a self-taught artist. Through the years, he has attended various workshops; mostly in the vein of landscape photography. The workshops provided an avenue, whereas to combine his love of photography and his passion for travel and exploration of new destinations.

Model: Riona Neve

His introduction to photography began with a Kodak Instamatic camera that he “borrowed” from his father during a family vacation in Rhodes. Love at first sight was declared!

Although super skills and experience make Spyro a master in this art; photography remains his hobby, albeit; a hobby that he is extremely serious about. With his children now grown, he has more time to devote to enjoying and exploring this passion. Spyro relays that he has the utmost respect for Professionals, but for him; if he chose this as a career, the pressure to succeed would infringe on his ability to strictly have fun with it. He says that he prefers to do things in his own way and to pursue his own interests as opposed to having to subordinate to a client.

Model: Riona Neve

The ability to share images as his eye and subsequently the lens, has captured; this is the most rewarding aspect of the art for Spyro. The learning process has it’s difficult moments, but there comes a point when you are excited about something and suddenly it clicks. For Spyro, understanding light and how to use it was the most important aspect of the learning process. Experience with landscape photography had taught him the essence of light and shadows... Applying these principles to glamour and nude photography, facilitated the ability for me to capture female beauty in an elegant and soft way.

Model: Riona Neve

As many others in the field, Spyro feels deeply inspired by location. For him, it enables a more interesting photo - beyond the limits of what a studio can offer. Shooting outdoors and mixing cityscape and nature, provide infinite possibilities.

Photography has also provided the platform to meet fellow photographers and models from all over the world. This has been a phenomenal experience to feel a sense of community in which to share this great passion. This “community” has been brought closer thanks to the new age of technology and information sharing applications.

Model: Lena Filanea

Spyro’s advice on success is “to have a positive communication with your model and to respect and inspire during the collaborative effort”. The outcome of this approach is clearly evident in the images captured.

Another tip he shares is to be open to the mood and particular situation. The elements are dynamic, i.e. models, location, etc. Therefore, each situation may dictate a varied approach which may lead to the most beneficial outcome and product.

In preparation for a photo shoot, Spyro advises to take into consideration factors such as weather, light, conditions and theme.

Model: Dasha Usova

 “Light is very important as I prefer to use natural and available light.” To those now starting to engage in photography, he encourages “Shoot with your heart, follow your passion and the rest will fall into place”. As for aspirations, he said, “It really all comes down to time... I wish I could shoot daily and make this my full-time engagement, but unfortunately I can only do it during my spare time. It really is like an addiction, but I am drawn deeper and deeper to it which is just amazing and oh so very inspiring!”

Model: Olga Kaminska

Model: Effi Amouris

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