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Photography Masters - Simon Smith

‘Photography is a Priceless Passion’

Model: Rachelle Pineda

I have always loved photography but lacked the training and confidence to pursue photography to a higher level. This was until I met my mentor Ronald Samonte.

Ronald was one of the rare few that did not mind sharing his knowledge and did so in a way that encouraged me to go further.

After attending several workshops held by Ronald and with his encouragement I began working on my own and on my own topics.

Model: Momi Ru

Soon came the lesson that the only way to improve skills is to practice, and after that, practice some more.

I would always strive to incorporate in my work all the pieces of knowledge that had been shared with me by others that I consider my great friends.

Model: Rachelle Pineda

When working on a photo-shoot scenario I prefer to use different apartments for two main reasons. First, because it gives a different look for each shoot adding also a home-style feeling to it, instead of a common hotel-room look. Secondly, because when you are renting an apartment, this establishes a series of challenges as the only feedback you can have from how the place looks is through the pictures you see on the website and we all know that pictures can be deceiving sometimes.

Model: Eina Hermend

This to say that each venue comes with a new set of challenges that also make me skilled in how to explore and give good use to all that is available at the place. By doing so my creativity is challenged and my imagination limits are somehow stretched in many occasions.

Model: Erika Navarro

My photography is my passion and, in a way, is like a “child” to me, so when I often get asked if I am willing to sell any of them, I always reply - No way!

Model: Eina Hermend

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