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Photography Masters - Florian Gallon

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

‘RayofLight’ in the first person

Model: Sloane

Completing this year 10 years of modeling photography, Florian told Hot Lips Magazine that this is a very special year.

To our Magazine he told in the first person:

“I started my passion in France after participating in a studio workshop organized by a local photography club. I learned and practiced how to create pictures, mainly in studio, working hard on lighting setup in order to draw beautiful shadows on body shapes.

Since the beginning I had a clear preference for Lingerie and Nude photography. I found it less complex than fashion photography and, at the same time, very powerful, been able to awaken emotions in people who look at these pictures.

When I mentioned “less complex”, I was referring specifically in terms of organization, logistics and staff you need to create a good and powerful image. Fashion usually requires besides a great location, a numerous staff like makeup artists, hairdressers, and clothes designers, among others, while nude photography allows a much more intimate approach in which the crew often confines to just a model and a photographer in a location, a room or a studio.

Model: Yunie Kianaila

This said, I must note that creating nice nude pictures is a complicated process that requires a lot of practice. If you don’t know yet the French photographer Lucien Clergue, I recommend that you a have a look to his nude art, it’s amazing.

Moving forward on time I can say that during my first 5 years of photography I spent barely all my free time testing, doing and redoing pictures and learning from others in order to be able to get an acceptable result.

About 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to move to Asia in the performance of my “daily work”. As my passion was still there I wanted to continue but I had to adapt my practice.

My daily work requires a lot of business trips and it’s a bit complex to save enough time to create pictures, and rent a studio to work on a more time-consuming project is restricted to some weekends only.

The solution I found to be my best option was to bring along my camera bag and a light source with me in my luggage and take the opportunities that arise from traveling to shoot.

Model: Denisa Strakova

Boudoir was then a natural way to conciliate lingerie and nude and a new shooting scene: my hotel room.

And I did fall in love with Boudoir photography. In my works, I try to keep Boudoir in the primary sense and meaning “a lady’s private room for bathing and dressing” that becomes also a special room in which the lady spends time with her romantic partner.

My main goal is to create image that seem simple where we feel we are entering the intimacy of the model. I wish all woman who look at my pictures can say “Yes it can be me” because they find it natural, sexy and like a “stolen” moment.

Model: Ayu Widiandari

At the beginning of my boudoir photography and as a usual standard, I was more tempted to shoot on the evening time and make use of my studio flashlight, as it was something I was very comfortable with. But, I soon realize that I couldn’t get the softness that natural light progression delivers and that I got used to see in other boudoir photographers.

This made me reset my mindset and my way approach a picture, turning in to the use natural light as much as possible. And it was hard to learn again, fail again, to be unhappy with some of the outcomes.

It can be quite frustrating to deal with sun that then becomes a cloudy sky and soon turns into low light when the sunset is coming… But after some practice and numbers of shooting, I think I started to manage it quite well.

After around 500 photo shootings completed all over the world, with over 350 different models there are two advices that I keep and that I can give to others:

Model: Heena

Always challenge yourself and continue to pursue learning. Test, try, and experiment with the purpose of making a better picture;

Always be professional and respectful with models. Models are our “raw material” like the clay or stones for sculptors and without them we can’t create any picture…

Especially in what concerns for nude, a model that is comfortable and trusts you will give you the best pictures.

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