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Photography Masters - Carl Jacobs

‘in a ‘Professional Hobby’’

Model: Shy Kane

Carl Jacobs,

the man behind “Image Faktory” photography label, is a photographer coming from both Hawaiian and Spanish heritage.

Currently work based between Hong Kong and Thailand he has been dedicating himself to the art of photography for about 5 years now.

Model: Jennifer Nguyen

As he told Hot Lips Magazine, his learning path was built by taking photography classes and workshops with highlighted masters of photography but it all started when 5 years ago he decided to buy his first DSLR camera.

At the time, Carl was enjoying doing food photography and that is how he started, soon developing into other genres.

Model: Ashley C.

Nowadays photography for him assumes the role of a “professional hobby” as he said although he noted, “photography is just a hobby for me, I don’t take it much seriously. I shoot because I love to and not because I’m trying to impress”.

Model: Sour Heart

To Hot Lips Magazine Carl revealed what were the major leaps of his learning curve, noting that his photography gave serious steps forward when he learned how to “post process properly” and “how to use light”.

Although being a big part of his time based in Hong Kong, Carl elects other locations to shoot, such as Thailand and the Philippines.

“There is plenty of (nice) scenery (there) as well as lots of beautiful models”, Carl said.

Model: Danielle Jane Curie

From photography work, the photographer says it took great life experiences that arise mostly from meeting new and interesting people, which is, in fact, one of his major goals with the activity, side-by-side with the “fun factor” of every photo-shoot.

Model: Sour Heart

His favorite motif has become “Asian models” although he affirms not to have a particular style or topic that he is focus in or tries to follow, he enjoys photography in the light way of the appreciators as he says, “I shoot because I live to”.

Model: Shy Kane

As for references in the field, he elects without doubts the work of a great photographer and his own mentor, “The photographer I most admire is my mentor is Erich Caparas, with his help and mentoring I was able to take my photography to the next level.”

Model: Kittiya

While preparing for a photo-shoot, Carl does not neglect two very important issues - Lighting equipment and a proper lens selection - he says.

To the ones that are now starting or thinking to, our Master gives a very meaningful advice, “Shoot what you love, take lots of workshops and, above all, have a great time doing all that!”.

Model: Maya Trang

See more of Carl’s works on Instagram.

Model: Marcelina

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