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Photography Masters - Alex Filippides

‘Capturing the irresistible female beauty’

Model: Sass

Alex Filippides,

a self-taught photographer born and raised in Greece but suffering from extreme needs to explore the world.

After graduating from school he finally embraced such wishes becoming a traveler.

Model: Bridgette Velasco

As any good traveled, Alex started carrying his passport on the right pocket and a camera on the left on and so photography started.

Initially with a point-and-shoot camera with which he started capturing casual portraits, bugs, buildings and architectural shapes and pretty much everything else that would attract his attention.

Model: Livy

It did not took him long before he got “bitten by the bug” of photography and so he got his first DSLR camera. The choice then went to a Nikon D70, camera brand to he has been faithful ever since.

Model: Za

Portraits remained of his main interest, and most specifically the ones that portrait the female beauty, as Alexis said to Hot Lips Magazine, “I cannot resist capturing the female beauty”.

Model: Amy

His first muse, his girlfriend (and currently, his life partner), has always been very supportive of his passion throughout all the evolution and learning-path as a photographer, at the same time she was becoming his inspiration and favorite subject.

Model: Kadek

Model: Kadek

By time, nudes and sensual photography have won him over, he said, “Nudes are fascinating. A woman allows you to capture her in her most intimate moments...”

“I want to believe that I capture the sensual spirit of a woman, a romantic, yet very intimate part of my models, in the purest form.”

Model: Davina

Specializing with time in art nude, sensual portraits and glamour photography, Alex has been currently leaving in the beautiful Island of Bali, in Indonesia, where he says to have the luck to meet and work with a large number of beautiful local models as well as models around the globe that choose the location to work or to take a break.

Model: Putri

With much more pixels to show than words to say, Alexis presents us a few glimpses of his extensive and high-quality portfolio.

Model: Jeanny

See more of Alex’s works in the gallery and on Instagram.

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