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New Photography Talents- Ashik Ishtiak

Model: Rania Hmd

Ashik, was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and recently has moved to Magdeburg, Germany, where he is currently studying.

Since a young age, Ashik discovered that he liked more to take photo- graphs rather than show up on them. That fact led him to take every opportunity to grab the camera starting what he calls “a journey towards the magical world of light and shadow”.

Model: Rania Hmd

In a regular basis, he started photographing in 20015 when he started to take photos for his best friend who is a Make-up Artist in Sydney, Australia.

“She encouraged me a lot and her kind words motivated me to take photography even more seriously,” Ashik said to Hot Lips Magazine.

In this journey the photographer said to have learn photography from many people in a very long list that included his amateur photographer friends as well as renowned artists from different backgrounds.

Model: Rania Hmd

“I’m very grateful for their patience and efforts,” Ashik said. Inspiration and training for him is a constant process.

“Sometimes I pause a movie or a TV show if I find the frame and lighting interesting. This is another way that I find to learn and it helps me a lot. I also like to appreciate famous paint- ings as they really help me to under- stand lighting and posing.”

Last, but not least, Ashik acknowl- edges to have had in YouTube tutori- als also a precious help.

For the photographer, “photography has the power to freeze time, for a moment,” and “I believe we live and die in moments. Therefore, I love and respect this art form as well as all the people that contribute somehow to it around the globe.”

Model: Rania Hmd

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