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Model Spotlight - Odille Jova

‘Highlighting models uniqueness beyond age or beauty standards’

A proud Filipino, Odille Jova, started to model back in 2004 when she was working as a customer service representative and she got discovered by the company’s photography organization.

After that she started to model and to referred to other groups and universities doing fine arts.

At the moment, as it has been during most of her career, modeling assumed for Odille the role of a part time job, one that she does in full passion mode.

To Hot Lips Magazine she said modeling, “keeps me motivated to look good and keep fit even at 40”.

“My goal is to empower models [highlighting] that each one of us is unique [and have value] independently of how old you are or how you look.”

As a personal goal, Odille says she is keen to model for animal related causes, “I am very proactive in terms of dog rescue mainly. If I can use my modeling abilities to help on this issues, I will.”

From modeling Odille says she learn many thing but there is something that he tries to keep always in her mind, “everyday is a changing trend! We should always keep getting better”.

Shooting mostly around her home in the city of Tagaytay in the surroundings of Manila, Odille elects her best experience in modeling from the time she was working together with University students. “I worked with students in order to produce high quality shots. Their creativity was being pushed to the limits because their grades also depend on it and I could see their determination to have a good work done and score a good grade. That awareness made me push myself too to do good!”

Nude photography as well as sexy cosplay, geisha theme and yakuza girl are her favorite themes, saying in the smile that, for the last ones, her tattoos help on dressing the character.

Although she says to follow the work of several models, the personality she most appreciates in related to the music scene, the Pop Diva – Madonna.

While preparing for a photo-shoot, she will make sure all her costumes, make-up, food and water are bagged and ready. Enough sleep and a lot of #beautyarmy skin care are also in Odille’s list, especially in what concerns to moisturizers, she said.

“To aspiring models I would say only: Don’t be afraid of being unique. Appreciate your color, your style, and your passion.”

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who follow and voted for me in the Hot Lips Magazine Cover Girl poll, I appreciate your effort and I also would like to thank to my sponsors, namely Rafrac tattoo studio for my tattoo and Beauty army for my makeup and skincare.

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