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Model Spotlight - Lovely Ann Rivera

‘Modeling is a reflection of my real self’

Lovely Ann Rivera,

started to model only in September 2017, while working in Hong Kong. On the first year, she started taking photos by herself in her free time as a hobby. During those times, selfies were the most she was getting from her mobile phone, but the interest in improving started to push her to pay more attention to details, such as make-up.

The pictures eventually would end on her Facebook account until one day, her friend Fre Angel saw her posts and like them, messaging her privately to invite her to informally model for her in a build-up of a training portfolio.

“It was a fun shoot”, she said to Hot Lips Magazine, “That was the first time I saw myself in front of DSLR camera. It was fun and I ended being a bit naughty and playful in front of the camera and I loved that”.

For Lovely, working in Hong Kong and doing modeling on her free time makes the activity assume what she calls, “a real reflection of myself”.

When I work with every different photographer I feel good, and in fact, it is impressing the difference between the way I look in the photos and the way I am in most of the days”.

“I’m a quite small and tanned skin girl, a very simple one. I have been bullied because of my personality but I have managed to get through finding inspiration in all the negative comment I have received. In fact, they made me who I am and a quite independent woman”.

Modeling for Lovely is only a simple act done in a split of a second, “We can hide all of our pain, scars, and struggles. We know we need to”.

For the model, each person is made out of two sides, a so-called “good side” and a “bad side”.

In that sense, Modeling comes to her as a motivation to be a good woman and even when the critic strikes (Oooh you are not good, not pretty, not tall enough and so on).

“I accept it no matter what, if it’s bad I make it a list and if it’s good I keep silent and learn from all the critics”. At the end of the day, modeling is a hobby turned into a part-time job. “Sometimes I earn some money through it. Although is not a huge amount of money, honestly it’s a big help for me and my family and I am doing it in something I like”.

To Hot Lips Magazine, Lovely said Modeling definitely contributes a lot for both her self-valorization and self-determination, as the task requires people to be “open-mind and determined to face all the fears and doubts” at the same time generating experiences that will prepare you better for what comes next.

For her, the trick is to “Set a goal and be prepared for the unexpected” as well as, “do it not just for the money you earn but also for the memories you get and shared”.

As a piece of advice, she says, “be thankful to the people who teach you and who love you as you are. Learn from all the process, especially from different photographers you had met and exchange ideas and experiences. I learned a lot from them”.

Developing more on the memories, Lovely noted how temporary is life and we with it, “every fades. but through our portfolio, we can keep (alive) the memories of when we were young before the skin changes, the body figure changes and before our baby face has wrinkles, that is my main purpose I want those photos only to save and keep them with me”.

Through modeling, she said also to be able to learn how to face the criticism and control her reaction to such criticism. “I am too busy being productive and focusing on my goals. I learned recently through modeling that sometimes you have to be transparent in every aspect of life and be positive even if you are surrounded on negativity. I always keep this idea in my mind and remind myself of it often, I have one shot in life, one-way ticket, so I need to enjoy every journey because every journey is not my final destination”, she said, adding, “If we only think on positive things we reproduce new possibilities, that is the key!”

“My goal is to encourage all women and especially the single mothers like me, that is not too late to do things we love, just keep going and never stop learning in any aspect, either photography, modeling, make-up artist or whatever they love to do. Make your life inspiration for others or being a good role model.”

In photography, Lovely does not blink when it comes to the style that “rings her bell” - “My favorite style is erotic nude, sounds good right? I love it! I know being naked in front of the photographer is tough but when you love what you do it doesn’t matter, and when you see your work after, the outcome is all worth it.”

An admitted fan on Jennifer Lopez, Lovely shares with the artists some of her inspirations, “She had been through a lot and she inspired me to realize that each woman has a powerful strength. It reminds me that behind the successful person she had been through struggles, difficult circumstances, and hardships. I consider her a role model for all women.”

As a last note, the model shared with us and all our readers her steps to success as a “To Do List”:

- Follow your dream no matter what;

- Make a positive difference by doing good;

- Believe in your ideas and try to be the best;

- Have fun and look after your achievements;

- Make a lot of lists and keep setting yourself a new challenge;

- If people say something about you just prove them wrong;

- Do what you love and love what you do;

- Set goals and pursue your passion.

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