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Model Spotlight - Jennifer Aizen

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

“Expression of Emotions is more important than physical appearance”

Jennifer Aizen, was born in Liberia, West Africa, but at very young age was adopted by a Dutch family and started to live in the Netherlands where she spent most of her life.

Although she is of Dutch nationality she has a peculiar mix of ethnicities that include several African roots as well as Korean, Japanese, American and Puerto Rican.

As she told Hot Lips Magazine, all started when her grandfather, a Japanese-korean met her African roots grandmother, the rest she say she owns it to her father.

Jennifer started on modeling as a child doing several children catwalk events but more seriously and as an adult, she started around 10 years ago.

As basically every model she started to do TFP (Time For Print) photo-shoots aiming to gather both personal experience and a portfolio that would allow her to move to the next levels.

To Hot Lips Magazine she said to have gained a lot of experience doing both solo shoots and duo shoots, working together with her friend Aissa who is an experienced catwalk model.

“Was eventually my friend Aissa that told me when to stop TFP and go with her to paid modeling jobs and some parts at acting,” Jennifer told us, adding, “She helped me to apply to a few agencies too and from there on I went freelance.”

When she started modeling, Jennifer said that her first modeling roles had the purpose to help a friend who needed a model for her photo-project and “all her models couldn’t make it so I helped her out.” From there she said to wanting to finish her acting school course but a roll in to a TV program called Bruya TV changed those plans.

It was this TV part that got her to be known by several photographers that approached her to work in several projects and that is the current status until the moment.

Jennifer hoped modeling would become her fulltime job but, as she mentioned, “since the income [from modeling] is not a stable [on] I always need to have something else running next to it.”

Her goals in modeling are having a chance to be a playmate for a playboy calendar and also to work on a roll for a TV series.

“Every time I am in front of a camera I feel like a different person, I feel full of confidence like if I am the sexiest woman on the planet,” Jennifer says in a laugh although admitting that most of the times she is the first critical of her own body. “But being a model gave me more confidence and taught me that all woman are different. If I am planning for a shoot I tend to be a bit critical with myself, like telling myself that my belly is too fat or that my butt isn’t round enough or that my arms look like tree trunks ugh!,” she says but adding that, in fact, these negative thoughts do not work as a way to depreciate herself, instead, they work as a self-motivation.

“I get determined to do more sports and to feel good about myself again especially when the photos come in!”

Acknowledging on things that she learn through modeling, Jennifer highlighted the fact, “You can shoot on one [same] location with the same or different photographers and you still get different photos as if you are shooting in a total different place. I always thought it is not original to shoot multiple times on the same location but I realized that I couldn’t have been more wrong about this.”

“This year, for example, I did three photo-shoots on the same location, and two of them with the same photographer. It turned out that all three resulted in a very different thing and people asked me if I sure that all those had been done in the same place. I realized that what is there in January might not be there anymore in June [and vice-versa]”.

Addressing on the shooting style she praises the most, Jennifer says, “Yes I do have a favorite style which is ‘burlesque’ and lingerie. I call it the ‘playmate style’ - sexy but classy.” Although she is always open to try new styles and themes.

What she loves the most? “When I have a whole costume to wear!”

On the topic she leaves the advice, “Flaunt it while you still can as long as you feel good with it ;).”

An admirer of Tyra Banks and Ana Cherie, Jennifer says that Tyra inspires her because of the path she had to walk to reach where she is now. “She is such a strong woman and that really inspires me in life”.

As for Ana Cherie, “I just love everything about her! Because of her I dare to feel sexy. Her poses inspire me on my own work”.

When preparing for a photo-shoot, Jennifer says it takes a goof amount of time to collect all the things you would like to use or wear, like clothing, jewelry, and the right underwear.

“For me it takes a couple of days to collect all those things and put them in bags”. “I also make sure my hair is washed and well treated so that styling it (by myself or by a stylist) is easier to accomplish.

“I also always make sure, when I have an make-up artist, that I never do anything on my face after the shower. No creams, no powder, no make-up. If I don’t have a make-up artist then I lightly apply some make-up so some features come out clearer on the photos, mostly browner, eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss.

I also practice some poses in front of a large mirror and try them out in shoots some work, others don’t.”

To all the aspiring and less experience models, Jennifer say, “Just do it and go for it! I always say: a ‘no’ is what you always have; a ‘yes’ is what you can get. Either way, no matter how the balance of ‘yeses’ or ‘nos’ goes, never give up!

If you dig just 1 feet further you might hit the gold.”

She also thinks that speak about what are your goals and aims will help. If is modeling what you want to do, go out there and do some shoots, get some experience, go to some agencies, attend modeling contests and have fun while doing it. That is the most important thing. Smile and be yourself. And don’t give up if they do not choose you, keep on going and the next one is yours.”

Besides modeling and acting, Jennifer revealed to Hot Lips Magazine that is into another project. “I’m making rap music. I do have a couple of songs already uploaded on YouTube. Here is one song from me.”

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