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Model Spotlight - Bridgette Velasco

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

On our Issue 1, the 24-year-old model from Indonesia, Bridgette Velasco, told Hot Lips Magazine how modeling gave her "a more mature personality" while helping to pay her studies in becoming a Lawyer.


started modeling when she was 18 years old and created her first tumblr blog as she had been nurturing interest for photo shooting and fashion topics since her high school years.

At the moment, modeling for Bridgette is both a hobby and a part-time job as she is spending the majority of her time studying in Jakarta where she just finished her business law thesis.

To Hot Lips Magazine she said that modeling, besides the obvious interest, was an activity that helped her to paid her studies tuition fee and make a living in general terms.

It also contributed for her to meet new people, something she really loves.

She says in a laugh that she hopes to continue to model “until someone says I’m too old to do modeling” but she forecasts that after the conclusion of her studies (In December this year) she might dedicate less time to this activity and more to the new challenge of getting a full-time job as lawyer in one firm.

As she adds, “Modeling is my hobby and a passion I can’t get rid off!”

Bridgette feeling about modeling are reflected to one of her quotes in interview to Hot Lips Magazine, “I feel blessed. I started modeling at a young age, and this changed me, giving me a more mature personality.”

Through modeling, Bridgette also said to acquire other things, such as “build up my soft skills and helped me in being independent.”

During her many photography sessions held in several cities and countries including Jakarta, Bali, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Brisbane, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Dubai, among others, Bridgette said to have met new people and through them new cultures.

“I have also learned so many varieties, concepts and themes through photo shootings, for example, body-painting and underwater shooting themes.”

As for challenges that such topics presented to her, she said, “Body painting is a time consuming process and patience testing process, it took me a whole 6 hours to get all the details of that art work painted on my body. It was a great teamwork effort of cooperation with the make-up artist, the painter and the photographer.

On the underwater shoot, the difficulties came during the first 30 minutes, but then I managed to have a good adaptation and all went well.

Questioned on what was the best experience she got so far from her modeling jobs, Bridgette had no doubts to elect an event for Popular Magazine - Fun Golf, where she was working as “umbrella girl” for a golfer.

That’s when I met my husband, I was 18 years old and had just started modeling, eventually we got married 3 years later and we are still together after 6 years.

On of the goals achieved by Bridgette through modeling, and one that she wants to keep, is the traveling, “I hope I can travel more around the world for photo shooting,” she said hoping also that such jobs can be both interesting and fun concepts.

Admitted fan of top modeling figures such as Tyra Banks, Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner, Bridgette elects her favorite modeling topics as lingerie and nude art ones.

To keep in shape and prepare for her modeling jobs she said to “hit the gym” four times a week and to train also her own make-up skills.

To all aspiring and newbies in the industry, Bridgette has a personal advice to share, “In order to make you feel good during your photo-shoots make sure you lay out all your insecurities before starting. This will help you to get focused on the job. The point of a photo session is to be able to be involve in the production of artistic work and to have fun with it.”

Addressing on some insecurities, Bridgette noted her “formula” for success - “My husband supports me with all my studies at the university as well as with my modeling jobs.

He knows exactly what I am doing and I am very lucky to have him. Some people often think he would be jealous, specially when I do nude art sessions, but that does not happen, he is different and a very special person, he is absolutely aware and happy with it, as I am.”

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