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'Lucky Cheeks' - Luxury in G-strings shape

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

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Lingerie fills an important part not only of models accessories or props but also of the everyday modern woman across all latitudes of the planet.

Once an accessory used mostly by performers to improve style and looks, the “G-strings” soon become a piece of seduction, beauty or simply self-pleasure.

Nowadays there is a very wide range of G-strings, from everyday life to sports and those to fit for special moments.

Was precisely with that idea in mind that Muriel Klink founded in 2014 the designer brand “Lucky Cheeks” under the motto of translating into this piece of clothing concepts such as: seduction, elegance and extraordinary quality.

To Hot Lips Magazine, the founder revealed that she has always been fascinated by fine embroidery and lingerie, having started to create her own designs from an early age.

It was only after 10 years of working experience in management that the commercial engineer dared to step into independence, establishing in 2007 an online-shop dedicated to the sale of luxurious multi-brand lingerie.

This experience makes her realize that there was a great lack in high-quality G-strings in the market. An opportunity she saw and did not want to miss.

Decided, she sold the online-shop and launched the label “Lucky Cheeks”.

In her words, what makes the G-strings by Lucky Cheeks special is that they convey into a certain lifestyle of lightness and love. “They bring the little vacation from daily stress,” she said, adding, “They create wonderful bonds and turn togetherness into a highlight. Lucky Cheeks G-strings are with no doubt a must-have for ever woman.”

The classy and luxurious G-strings are designed in Germany in the Eifel region and produced with very high-quality European made materials.

As Klink explained, the embroidery comes from Switzerland; the ornaments with Swarovski crystal elements are from France and the fabrics from Italy.

In the final stage of production, the artful lingerie is finally produced in a sewing manufactory near Paris, which is specialized in luxurious lingerie.

To Hot Lips Magazine Klink also explained that every G-string new model is produced in the brand’s own studio in Germany and it is fully handcrafted.

Another of the concerns that the entrepreneur has is that the process follows rigorous requirements on working conditions and ethics, refraining from the usage of “cheap” manpower of people working in poor conditions or facing exploitation.

After produced and before shipped to the avid costumers around the world, the luxury G-strings are perfectly presented on a display that works as classy gift box with a magnetic clasp – creating a unique gift idea.

Starting to be sold in Europe in the same year, “Lucky Cheeks” reached the worldwide market by 2016 and since then is been making “lucky” the “cheeks” of women around the planet.

The first big boom of the brand happened when in September 2015, Klink decided to finance the one that was its second collection through the crowd funding platform kickstarter.com.

The campaign run so well that Klink managed to gather 161 backers that helped to finance the production and sale of the 2nd collection in the total amount of €20,415.

This campaign on kickstarter worked as a reward-based one, meaning that all the financial “backers” got to receive something in return contributing also in the way for a better label disclosure.

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