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Insight: ‘Beauty and Pearls’

by B. Lindsay Belan

Model & Writer


are beautiful and make women feel great when wearing them since ancient times.

The Hungarian photographer, Stefan Mogyorosi, believes that the lines of beads as they run on the womanly curves lead the eye and the play of lights and shadows on the round, flawlessly white little objects perfectly completes the black and white nude art photography.

As a result, sophisticated femininity radiates from his photos.

The birth of a pearl is a long process. Natural pearls are formed inside an oyster when an irritant - usually a parasite, a piece of shell or a grain of sand - accidentally gets into the oyster’s soft inner body, and it cannot be expelled.

The oyster starts to protect itself and begins to create a smooth coating around the irritant, layer upon layer. And finally, a lustrous pearl is formed.

Pearls are one of the world’s most beautiful natural treasures. They are loved for their timeless aesthetic and round, flawless perfection. With their cool elegance, the beads perfectly complement the curved lines of the female body.

Pearl have also played a significant role in beauty and feminity since ancient times. On Sandro Botticelli’s painting - The Birth of Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty and love, was said to be born from the sea, just like a pearl.

Throughout history, aristocracy appreciated pearls as one of the oldest gems, but The Dutch Johannes Vermeer with the Girl with a Pearl Earring painting has proved us pearls can make any women elegant.

Nowadays pearls are not exclusively for wealthy people, they can also compliment any woman’s beauty.

Stefan works with non-professional models, average women; curvy, fit, tattooed, young or older, he believes every woman is beautiful.

Many of these women are in an inner struggle and they are not satisfied with themselves, with their body and they are expecting some positive reinforcement from the artistic photos - and they will undoubtedly get it.

As I laid my eyes on his pictures, I immediately decided to participate in the Pearl Series. I like sophisticated erotic art, those photos that merely suggest, but don’t show that much.

It wasn’t my first nude photography, as I often stand in front of the cameras as a model, but for some reason, I found his photography special.

Many people think that a model has no worries about her body.

Perhaps that is were a professional model differs from the average woman, in their greater body consciousness, so we can avoid disadvantageous poses.

But a tastefully composed image enhances our self-confidence too.

Pearls have become a metaphor for something beautiful and admirable, but indeed, a perfect pearl is rare, just as a perfect woman. Pearls can occur in many different shapes, known as baroque pearls. The word “baroque” originally referred to beads with irregular shapes.

Saltwater pearls are usually rounder while freshwater pearls tend to be very irregular in its forms, some of them look just like puffed rice.

Less than five percent of all pearls are perfectly round and smooth according to shape and color, and the rest of them are not valued because they are too imperfect, too flawed.

Perfect or not, the beads gently, softly embrace the female body. Their roundness returns on the female forms, so they emphasize the femininity of the part of the body where they are placed.

As a necklace, they lead the viewers’ gaze so that they can see what the photographer want to show them.

It’s not only the pictures, but the purpose and the whole philosophy behind them is a fantastic thing.

For those models taking part in nude photography allowed them to leave their comfort zone, to try out an interesting and exciting thing. And although it may come with lots of fears, worries, stress, the majority of them enriched the experience that strengthens their belief in themselves, they believe that they are also precious and, of course, beautiful.

Several times the man was the one who found the Pearl Series and talked to his partner to take part in the photography, knowing that his wife/girlfriend’s self-esteem would grow if she could finally see herself (through Stefan’s camera) as her partner has always seen her, beautiful and feminine.

The femininity and the nude art are not about the blink of a flash. In today’s world, so much sexual content surrounds men, so these kinds of pictures do not reach their stimulus point.

Porn is the genre that tries to visually satisfy the deep, ancient, animal-like desires (instincts) in us, erotica is far beyond that.

Covering the nipples and other parts of the body gives the feeling that women would be deprived of their femininity as if they were ashamed of what they were born with.

The nipples, the buttocks, and the labia are also part of the body.

Sometimes it feels as if we were back in the dark Middle Ages, when, for example, they burned Michelangelo’s painting, the Leda and the Swan, because it was considered to be too erotic.

All participants of the Pearl Series arrived with fears and struggles and left with a great victory, they defeated their own worries and social conventions.

The pearl-hunters took a significant risk to discover the hidden gems on the bottom of the seas, to find enough pearl oysters, they were often forced to descend to depths on a single breath, using only traditional tools.

Divers often were without oxygen for long minutes. It was not an easy task, they were exposed to sharks and waves, only the strongest could handle it.

People were mesmerized by their talent. Just as we are amazed by the braveness of these ordinary women on these photos, who wear nothing but pearls.

They would probably agree with Lady Sarah Churchill’s words:

“I feel undressed if I don’t have my pearls on. My pearls are my security blanket.”

Stefan made a book for those people who appreciate artistic nude photography and still love to see photos on paper support in this digital and ephemeral world of today.

See more of Stefan’s work and this book on YouTube or on his official Website.

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