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You must be finding strange to see me writing an editorial. It is something I dislike to do, as I believe that assert ownership over the things you working on, as a team, makes no sense.

Saying this I will explain why did I change my mind just this time. My purpose is simple and aims to inform all of you that have been following and supporting our publications that we are moving forward, and in this case, moving forward means, in practical terms, moving ownership and responsibilities over the publication.

As CEO I have decided that it was time to move on and move on with- out me at the helm. In this sense, I come to inform that Hot Lips Magazine has changed hands and, I can assure you that will be in good hands.

Let us say that it will probably back to it is origins and to the hands of the initial creators, and the people that mostly contributed by mentoring and striving for its success.

Saying so, I must add that this Issue will mark the end of an Era, but hopefully, the next one will kick-off the start of a new one that we all wish to be improved, upgraded and successful.

For those who, like me, will be moving forward to embrace different projects, our best wishes, and appreciation for the outstanding job performed. And for those who will stay, I express my honest wishes of continuing with the great work to impress and strive for a better publication and, ultimately, for a better world.

My felt THANK YOU to you ALL!

Victor Hernandez, CEO


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