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COVER GIRL - Melanie Omila

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Our first ever Cover Girl, arrives from the Philippines. Although modeling for a short period of time Melanie Omila have rapidly caught the attentions for her dedication and style which she expresses "Confidence" and "Emotions".


began to model just over one year ago and immediately started to call out the attentions when she started to display several works of great quality and talent.

To Hot Lips Magazine Melanie told that she started modeling when her ex-boyfriend who is a photographer and model decide to do a trial shoot with her, giving her tips on how to get started.

After that boost start she had to put the modeling into a pause for a few months because of work, returning last year in full-steam with her first international photo-shoot, held in the Vietnam.

During the break, she had started a portfolio account on Model Mayhem, where she started to realize that she had a potential in becoming a model and travel around for photo shootings.

Melanie sees this opportunity as a “dream come true” as she noted, “to become a model was always my dream since I was young.”

Melanie is specially attracted by the idea of being featured in magazines and to be able to perform on runways but she admitted that such dream as a child was for long postponed due to “insecurities and lack of self confidence”.

Issues that she now said she had been able to tackle completely and through modeling, been able to become a confident woman.

At the moment, modeling is Melanie’s part-time job, a fact that she hopes to be able to change soon turning into a full-time job.

For the model, modeling jobs have contributed to “encourage me to achieve my dream and be more optimistic,” she said, adding, “I learned to be open-minded, to love myself and to accept what I have, being also confident of who I am.”

To Hot Lips Magazine, Melanie confided, “before I was an insecure woman but now I am confident of my body and my skin.”

Currently she is concentrating on photo sessions done locally in the Philippines as due to her work duties, “it becomes hard to travel abroad”.

Recalling her best experiences and achievements from modeling, the model highlights the possibility to “be able to travel and meet new people”.

She told Hot Lips Magazine she has two great references in models such as Tyra Banks and Gigi Hadid and that her favorite shooting style in artistic nude, goals and reference she intents to continue to pursue.

Before each session, Melanie said to prepare carefully, paying attention to the hair and the make up, “especially because I am not good at it”.

Another of the important issues she mentioned to Hot Lips Magazine has to do with the specific preparation for “nude” topics, “most of my underwear leave skin marks. I don’t like going to the shoot and have this marks in my body because it doesn’t look good especially in nude photo-shoot”.

Besides that and in what concerns to her figure, “I eat healthy food all the time and fruits. I also sleep a lot during my days off because it is hard for me to sleep during working days as I work mostly on night shift,” she said, adding, “I do exercise at home to maintain my body figure, too”.

To potential aspiring models she leaves an advice,

“Don’t be scared. You will never know till you try. If you are scared because you think you are not pretty enough or you are not sexy enough, well try to put those thoughts behind your back and just be confident. Being confident is sexy. Be proud of yourself too”.

For starters, she added that in an early stage, bringing someone from your trust with you to company you to the photo shooting might help to clear your mind of safety issues and to make you feel comfortable and less nervous, especially if you are working with a photographer or other artist for the first time.

To “nail the shoot,” Melanie advises, “practice in front of a mirror or ask close friends to take pictures of you so you can practice your best angles and looks,” she said, adding, “Don’t forget to practice the facial expression. Emotion is very important in modeling.”


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