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Cover Girl - Butsaba Kongngoienock


Photo: A Finlayson

Butsaba Kongngoienock, is a talented make-up artist in the hustle and bustle city of Bangkok that (marvelously) accumulate such duties with the ones of being a model, and a awesome one.

Photo: Jacob di Angelo

In photography, Butsaba says to “like to show emotions” and to be “different”.

Insisting on nude and other artistic forms, she rejects totally the idea that such expressions are any close to pornography.

Photo: A Finlayson

Nurturing interest and talent for nude art, Butsaba is not afraid to put all her talent and assets in front of the camera, enjoying each shoot as unique moments and making friends with those that work with her.

Photo: Pelle Larsson

Such skills allowed her to grow fast and soon be wanted for photographers from all over the world for photo-shoots in both Thailand and abroad.

For the time being, most of her works were made in Thailand and in neighbor countries in Southeast Asia but an attempt to shoot in Europe this summer is not ruled-out of her plans.

Photo: Jacob di Angelo

Whoever works with her highlights her talent and good heart of a model that lives up

to reputation of her country’s nickname: “The Land of Smiles”.

See more of Bustaba works in the gallery below and on her Instagram.


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