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Cover Girl - B. Lindsay Belan

“Living a Child’s Dream”

Photographer: Balazs Bodocs

As a little girl I was always dreaming about being on stage as a model or a dancer. I remember when I was maybe 12 years old and I made some clothes so I could play catwalk show with my sister and the girls from my neighborhood.

From there, designing clothes became a part of the play. First I made them by hand, and then I learned how to use the sewing machine. Later I made my own clothes and even made a few for my friends too. Today I enjoy the great benefits of that skill when I design my own costumes, although I never had a plan back in those days that one day I’ll perform on stage as a striptease dancer.

Photographer: Balazs Bodocs

Curiously I was about the same age when I started to write poems. I even won a prize once. Literally, the first money I ever made came from my writing skills. And from the money I won, my mum bought me a gold necklace with a small cross.

“That necklace will always remind me of the first money I ever earned!” The poem that I wrote and read in front of the entire school was about my dreams, what I’d like to see in this world.

I wanted to travel as much as I could and the first part was about the sea.

Photographer: Balazs Bodocs

You might think it’s not a big deal, but it was for 12 years old who was living in a country with no beach and in a country that had just rise out of the communist era.

The second part was about Africa and of a real safari with no cages. Done. 7 months I lived in Cape Town (South Africa) and was one of my biggest adventures so far.

Photographer: Balazs Bodocs

The third part was about landscapes, mountains, and waterfalls. And I was lucky enough to see amazing places in this world, like the Mount Fuji (in Japan) and the Niagara Falls (Canada/USA).

It sounds crazy that what you write down at the age of 12 can be a reality 20 years later, makes you look back and say “Damn, I’ve done all!” It’s like making a wishlist to the Universe: “Hello, these are my dreams. Please, help me to reach them!”

Photographer: Balazs Bodocs

I started modeling at the age 16, then nude modeling as I turned 18. The old photographer came to my mum asking for her permission to photograph me naked. My mum… well, she always trusted my decisions.

I never took it too serious, I never dreamed about a big carrier in this industry. It was simply fun. Why not? I came from the country where posing naked for a camera or on stage is shameful, but I never cared much about other people’s opinions, I was always bold to walk on my own path.

Photographer: Balazs Bodocs

First time I went to Slovakia with a group of photographers I was amazed by the landscape. It was breathtaking, with sharp mountainous rocks over a rolling river. We went down on the river with a float and decided to walk back on a path on the riverbank. Whenever the background was nice, we stopped to take pictures.

Photographer: Balazs Bodocs

Can you imagine? Me naked sitting on a rock above the river while tourists enjoy their raft trip down. One raftsman noticed me and… he even dropped his scull into the water... I think it was something he was not expecting to see up in the mountains.

But the winner story is when at a later time I worked with a photographer in Vienna (Austria). We went up to the viewpoint where you can see the whole city under. It’s quite popular tourist spot. I was posing wearing only high heels and all the Chinese tourists were taking pictures of me and not of Vienna’s amazing view. They didn’t even try to hide. I always smile when I think of how many Chinese guys have now my pictures walking around naked in their Vienna albums. Thank God, that was well before Facebook and Instagram.

Photographer: Gabor Hajnaczky

Today I travel a lot for work and I always try to make some time to pose to the camera. As a dancer, I always need new pictures for my portfolio anyway. And I enjoy it. Not like I have any commercial purpose with the pictures but I enjoy the creativity and experience gathered during shooting. I like to create something together with the photographer. I’m happy that I found Model Mayhem. It’s great! And wherever I go, I can find a photographer to work with. Switzerland, Macau, Iceland, Japan and Singapore, I worked with amazing photographers I met through that website. And I’m very thankful. Not only for the great photos but the good time we spent together and some became more of a friend for me.

Photographer: Tim Reder

I enjoy the pin-up and burlesque themed photography. I believe these are the most suitable to my style. Lately, I discovered that fetish modelling also suits me. Boudoir and artistic nude photography are both feminine and sexual.

Fashion industry looks for young and fresh faces but sensuality, just as boudoir photography, is ageless. I want to be and to feel as sexy with a touch of class at the age 60 just as I feel now. Now the retoucher needs to remove some little wrinkles in the corner of my eyes, but self-confidence, that cannot be add by Photoshop.

Photographer: Balazs Bodocs

See where I am now? I traveled, I’m dancing on stage, I do modelling and I’m writing books. Who told you, you couldn’t reach your dreams?

Maybe it’s not the way I imagined as a kid, but it works for me perfectly.

Photographer: Balazs Bodocs

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